Top 5 Recommended Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great way to add dynamic transitions in your home’s interior. Additionally, it serves as a unique window to the outdoors. Glass is a popular sliding glass door material, but it sure isn't your only option, wood and composite plastic being a common option too. If you plan to add a sliding door to your home, but are unsure of what type of door to choose, follow this guide to find out. 


Types of Sliding Doors

1ץ Pocket Doors


The first option is a pocket door. Pocket doors are basically door panels that slide in and out of the door. To install them, you’ll need to make room for a “pocket” space in your wall so that the door panel can slide into when opened. A great benefit of a pocket door is the fact that it saves space. Pocket doors are great options for homeowners who have limited space because they essentially disappear when slid open. They’re typically used for limited-spaced rooms such as: bathrooms, pantries, or closets, and are traditionally made of wood and come in a variety of finishes. 


2. Barn Doors


Barn doors are a popular option as well, especially in farmhouse-style homes. Sliding barn doors feature an upper track that holds the door and allows it to slide over a doorway. To open the doorway, the door panel must slide back over the wall. Unlike a pocket door, barn doors are still physically visible when opened. Overall, this is a very nice option for individuals who are looking for a minimal yet an upgraded appearance to their home. 


3. Bypass Doors


These types of doors are commonly found in glass showers. Bypass doors have two fixed panels hanging next to each other, with tracks both above and below the door frame. To open and close it, you must simply slide the door. Bypass doors are not very extravagant, however, are a great option for homeowners who live in a smaller space. 

It is minimal yet very functional. 


4. Sliding French Doors


French doors are big, beautiful doors covered with small framed glass panels. They’re usually built to allow as much natural light in as possible. They are classy, aesthetically-pleasing, traditional-looking, and fit well anywhere in a home. No matter the area installed, sliding French doors will add lots of charm to your home.


5. Sliding Glass Doors


Sliding glass doors are a go-to option for most homeowners. They allow you to enjoy your outdoors from the inside. Because they’re made of glass, sliding glass doors let in lots of natural light, as a result, creating a very warm and bright environment. Not only are sliding stunning and aesthetically-pleasing, but they’re also very functional. They’re easy to open, which makes going to and from your patio pretty easy. If you happen to live in an area with a greater number of mosquitoes, you can add a screen and enjoy your outdoors at any given time of the year. 



As you can see, sliding doors come in many different shapes and sizes, and of course, prices too! The type of sliding door you choose will also heavily depend on your budget. If you are debating between a french sliding door and a bypass door, the ultimate factor that will make your decision is the prices of each option. Typically, bigger, more complex doors will generally be more expensive. 

If after reading this article you feel the need for further assistance, we highly recommend that you contact one of our sliding door specialists. Give us a call at (813) 444-2076 to receive a free quote. 


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